Drop-in art

Over the last few months, children at the weekly drop-in have been producing some wonderful works of art at the craft table, led by Joy and supported by Lynne and Judy, all volunteers. There is a different theme and new materials every week at the craft table. Lynne said, “It’s a challenge and stimulates creativity. As always the children spin their own interpretation on the theme presented.” Creations included stars for a Christmas tree that was on show at Petworth House over Christmas, and volunteers took a group of the children and their families to see the tree. It was a lovely, festive trip and everyone was delighted to see the stars in such beautiful surroundings. With thanks to Caroline Sharman-Mendoza from Article 12 Arts for setting it up, to the volunteers who provided lifts and to the National Trust for providing free entry for us all.

Here are some of the children’s creations:

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