Our goal was to raise £40,000 by the end of 2019. We raised it by mid-2019!

Since Sanctuary in Chichester launched in January 2016, we’ve achieved a lot.

Our services for refugees and asylum seekers now include support for Syrian refugee families, weekly drop-in sessions, a dedicated football team, English language tuition, and emergency accommodation and finance.

In late 2017 we launched a campaign to raise £40,000, to enable us to do much more. It’s a huge credit to our talented and dedicated voluntary fundraising team that they raised the target funds much more quickly than expected, and all our supporters should feel proud to have been a part of this successful mission – thank you everybody!

With this funding we are:

• Creating more drop-in facilities
• Helping more Syrian families arrive and settle in West Sussex
• Extending our English learning service
• Developing a Pathways to Work programme to help refugees back into employment
• Providing shelter to destitute asylum-seekers, sometimes at short notice.
• Increasing awareness of, and access to, our services.
• Community engagement: boosting understanding among local residents of the issues that refugees and asylum seekers face.
• Developing services for women and girls



Since we launched the campaign to raise £40,000, our work has expanded rapidly, meaning ever more funds are needed to run our services. We have a strong Fundraising Committee (all members are volunteers), who are working hard to continually find ways to attract donations, so that we can consistently support and offer sanctaury to those in need in our area.

How you can help:

– £15 could pay for an English language textbook.

– £25 could cover the monthly cost of broadband internet so a refugee family is able to contact loved ones.

– £100 would provide a destitute asylum seeker with food for a month.

Visit our Donations page to find out more about giving.

For more information about fundraising for Sanctuary in Chichester please contact Tony Toynton.