We are a group of people in Chichester and the surrounding areas who care deeply about how we respond locally to the refugee crisis unfolding in places often not very far from here. The refugee crisis is the biggest in our time since World War II and we feel the need to take action at home.

We have a whole range of volunteering roles including: making cups of tea, chatting with young people to improve their English, accompanying people on visits (for example to the dentist or doctors), promoting the need to support refugees in the media, working in schools, and looking for housing for refugee families.

We have an Executive Committee of 13-14 people who work voluntarily to ensure the day-to-day functioning of Sanctuary in Chichester.

We welcome any newcomers who wish to join us and strengthen the bonds between like-minded people locally. Let’s make Chichester an inviting and supportive place for everyone.

Get involved.