Furnished a Flat! Thank You

Our supporters responded immediately and generously to a recent urgent appeal to help furnish a flat. The partner of a young Afghan man we support and their baby daughter were recently allocated a flat to live in – a great leap forward from the hostel room they were all living in previously. However, the flat was without any furnishings or flooring – just self-levelling compound throughout – so our Founder Roger Pask wrote to our supporters to ask for help in making the flat habitable for the family.

Volunteer installing the cooker

Donations of money, furniture and white goods flooded in. The family are now settling into their new home and community, with all the household items and furnishings they need. While waiting for the carpets to be fitted, they painted the walls and woodwork, and now that the carpets are down, the flat is comfortable and looking fab! Your donations have made a huge difference to the lives and wellbeing of this young family.

They asked us to add a message to donors to this post: “Because of all your generosity we are able to live a normal happy family life – thank you all so much.”

Here are some before and after photos…

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