Cricket Team Pilot Project

On their recent arrival from Afghanistan some refugee friends expressed enthusiasm for cricket. This was great news, because we’ve mooted the idea of a cricket team for some time, and had some interest from unaccompanied asylum-seeking children (thank you for the feedback foster carers!) but not enough to get started. The new arrivals meant we had achieved critical mass!

Now Arundel Castle Cricket Foundation have invited any interested refugees or asylum seekers to try out their excellent cricket facilities in a small pilot project at the end of January – Omicron permitting. The pilot is open to all our refugee friends across West Sussex.

If you know of anyone who would like to take part – it’s a couple of hours indoors late afternoon at the end of the month – please mail Roger at with contact details for them, or a number for Roger to call so that he can take details securely over the phone.

Getting participants to Arundel Castle and back will generate a need for some help with transport – possibly up to 4 or 5 cars. Any help with this would be immensely appreciated. Further details of date and time are also available from Roger, to whom offers of help with this should also be addressed.

Our Nations United football project has been an outstanding success and sport is proving a great way to build a deeper sense of belonging, as well as building a vast range of skills. We hope to repeat some of that success through refugee interest in cricket.

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