Welcome Rosie!

Rosie Edmondson joined Sanctuary in Chichester (SiC) back in August, as Volunteer & Business Coordinator. Her role was created to enable me (Gemma Driver, Develoment & Communications Coordinator) to concentrate on project development. We work closely together – both part-time – and Rosie has been taking on increasing tasks and responsibilities. It is a steep learning curve joining SiC and getting to know all the 90 or so volunteers, all of the people we support and all the organisations we collaborate with, but Rosie has taken to it brilliantly. She has also done a lot of work organising and keeping on top of our admin, which I never had time to do properly before – a big relief. Rosie is a really positive presence, keen to be involved and learn, and always willing to take initiative. Now we are more efficient, more responsive and we’re making progress on developing our provision to support refugees and asylum seekers in our area in gaining independence and building fulfilling new lives.

Graduating from university into a pandemic was not how I imagined finishing my degree, but I feel so fortunate to have found Sanctuary in Chichester, who gave me the opportunity to begin a career in Project Management. I have loved every minute of working here so far, and I am so thankful to be working with an amazing team of volunteers doing such rewarding work. I am so excited to see how I can work alongside Gemma to implement new, exciting programmes to better the lives and encourage the independence of our refugee friends.” – Rosie Edmondson.

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