Rosemary Prior – Remembering Rosemary

Rosemary arrived during the first months of Sanctuary in Chichester’s Drop-In being at St Paul’s Parish Centre, in the autumn of 2017. She was new to Chichester and loved the idea of welcoming refugees and asylum seekers because she spoke several languages and had travelled much, especially in South America. First she chatted to the college students, but quickly recognised a need – toys to occupy the little children who began coming weekly. She searched charity shops for suitable toys and brought them in bags, laid them out, played with the children and tidied them away. There was no storage at St Paul’s, that didn’t discourage Rosemary, she happily took all the bags home to store until the following week. When a quiz was organised, the children asked what languages people spoke. Rosemary’s reply was ‘English, Spanish, French and Portuguese’. One surprising fact emerged, she was ‘nearly born in Antarctica but instead was born in Chile’. She was always ready to lend a hand, whether washing or drying up, pouring tea or noticing someone looking lonely. She was an active Christian, worshipping at St Paul’s Church where her funeral was held. She died on 27th October. May she rest in peace.

By Mary Downy, Trustee & Drop-In Coordinator

This photo of Rosemary was taken at the ‘Final Zoom In of Summer’ on Friday 28th August – and what fun it was. We were so thrilled that Rosemary was able to join us on that day. She appeared so well, she joined in all the fun.” (Ellen Thompson). What a very special, wise, kind, caring and positive person! We are so grateful to have had Rosemary in our lives and we will miss her enormously.

One thought on “Rosemary Prior – Remembering Rosemary

  1. Rosemary was a person of real presence but always understated. When it resumes Drop-in won’t somehow quite feel the same without her.


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