Vision for Sanctuary in Chichester

On a dark and rainy night in February, over 40 people turned up at the Foyer in Chichester to talk about their vision for the organisation. We divided up into small groups and explored what we would like to achieve, what we can do and offer and what our values are. We took part in participatory exercises and found out that:

SiC is a group of like-minded local people committed to making Chichester a welcoming place for refugees and asylum seekers. We do this by using our diverse skills, energy and enthusiasm to:

  • increase knowledge and tolerance of issues relating to refugees and asylum seekers
  • understand and meet the needs of refugees and asylum seekers (locally/ both locally and further afield)

We have strong values of inclusivity, collaboration and transparency.

Here is our Vision Statement that emerged as a result of the meeting: SiC Vision March 2017

Here is some of our artwork, which was part of the process of exploring who we are.

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