Thank you for your messages of support and donations for the Ukrainian refugee crisis. If you would like to host Ukrainian refugees in your home or if you are a refugee looking for a host in the UK, sign up on RESET’s matching portal. We’re on standby to welcome Ukrainian refugees in the Chichester area and support host families, by recruiting and training volunteer support workers and by raising funds so that we ready to buy whatever is needed (in the right sizes etc) for refugees arriving in our area imminently. We’re also speaking regularly with other local organisations we collaborate with so that we’re ready to go with sourcing donated items as soon as they are needed. We don’t have storage or capacity to deal with donated items, but all cash donations are very gratefully recieved. Please let us know if you are hosting refugees as soon as possible after they arrive, so that we can support you and them, and welcome everyone into our community. Here’s a welcome and info page for Ukrainians arriving in Chichester.

New arrivals from Afghanistan are being supported by our awesome team of dedicated volunteers, and are settling in well and making incredible progress – this is despite suffering constant, debilitating worry and grief due to loved ones left behind being targeted by the Taliban (for violence, murder and threats of murder) in lieu of the escapees. The UK Government is not being resourced to deal with the huge demand – tens of thousands of requests – for rescuing relatives whose lives are in very real and imminent danger. We are gradually learning the stories of our new Afghan friends, and the things they have done are astoundingly brave, like leading British Army missions across minefields and serving on the frontline for decades.