Refugees from Afghanistan are still arriving in our area

…And we are providing wrap-around support for them, thanks to our superstar volunteers. However, many are deeply traumatised and are absolutely beside themselves with grief and worry due to their loved ones left behind being killed, tortured and threatened with death by the Taliban. There is a government scheme to rescue relatives stranded in Afghanistan, but it is completely overwhelmed with tens of thousands of urgent, critical, life-or-death requests. The scheme is woefully under resourced and consequently unable to process applications fast enough. Meanwhile, people are being murdered because of their asscoiation to those who made it to the UK and to Chichester.

As Afghan refugees tend to have at least one adult per family with a reasonable level of English, we are working with local employers to find jobs for them quickly, to provide them with a focus at this difficult time and hope for the future.

Photo by Farid Ershad on Unsplash

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