Programme Updates

Pathways to Work & Independence

As part of our efforts to help refugees gain independence and build new lives, we are becoming more strategic about supporting them into work and careers, taking a holistic approach that combines English learning, education, work experience, learning about workplace culture and expectations, help with CVs and job applications.

Lois Smith is our new Trustee with a wealth of experience in education and teaching English as a foreign language. Lois is working on strategy for the language side of things.

We’re very grateful to the Rural Refugee Network (RRN), another local charity that ran a successful pilot supporting people into work in Hampshire, for inviting a refugee job seeker from Chichester to participate in the roll out of their new programme. He is into the second week of the eight week programme and doing very well so far. The RRN programme is tailored to each participant, with initial exploratory conversations to identify potential career paths and set goals, and specialised language learning for their chosen sector.

Nations United Football

The team have returned to having weekly practice sessions and matches, and are about to be filmed for a Weekly Tales documentary. The film will aim to generate public understanding of the beneficial impact of playing football on the lives of young refugees and asylum seekers in the UK – very exciting! We’ll keep you posted when it’s available to watch…

GCSE support

In late 2020 we started a new programme to help young people through English and Maths GCSEs. We found that group learning was not appropriate for this cohort, because their previous experiences of education are so diverse, so now all support in one-to-one, and timelines for taking the exams are different for each individual.

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