A pause on play

After two short months of normality, Nations United football team have had to take an extended half-time again.

In September, Duncan (Manager), Jelani (Team Captain) and the team were able to resume the 2019-20 Powerplay season. The apprehension of restarting this year’s earlier efforts was quickly softened after consecutive wins for both teams, and the addition of many new faces. The previous season was able to conclude in early October, with Yellows narrowly missing out on a place at the top, and Reds comfortably mid-table – amazing results to end a very peculiar season.

Two games into the new season, and two wins already under their belt, and along came the November lockdown. We hope that play will resume in early December, but regardless of when the team reappears we look forward to seeing new and old faces out on the pitch, hopefully bringing us more victories.

Our Article 12 project, combining the success and unity of NU and the importance of art and self-expression, will also resume once things settle down, with players participating in workshops on various art media. The work of Kate and Caroline, the artists running the project, continued throughout lockdown, extending online and beyond the football team. Young men and women from across the country recieved individually decoaretd paint sets, some got clay as well, and the resulting creations are displayed in the Article 12 Insta gallery.

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